Costa Rica 1 - Playa Conchal

One thing that people have always said to us whenever we've traveled is to make sure we travel before we have kids, because once the kids come we wouldn't be able to anymore. We honestly don't really care what people say :) Our trip to Costa Rica this July with Peter was one of our very best. It was so fun to have our little buddy with us throughout the whole adventure. He did great, from the flights to the exploring to sleeping in different places. We loved every minute of our time together as a family, and truly loved the people, food, places and culture of Costa Rica.

These are some pics of one of our favorite beaches, Playa Conchal. We chose to go to Costa Rica during green season, which meant we had very green scenery but a little rain. It didn't seem like we were ever too negatively affected by the rain, and we loved being able to enjoy the green, as seen next to the beach at Conchal. Have you ever seen a more peaceful baby sleeping on the beach?

For a few stops on our trip we stayed at Airbnbs. It was fun to meet some new friends, and both places we stayed were great. Some of the highlights from this spot were an open air deck with a hammock, a pool with a view of the ocean, and delicious homemade fresh fruit ice cream. The only drawback was that there wasn't AC, and for some reason it seemed like the house absorbed heat throughout the whole day and maintained it at night. It was definitely much hotter in the house than it was outside at night, which caused at least one sleepless night for the three of us. Our room also had a little lizard who crawled on our ceiling and freaked me out a few times. We toughed it out though!

A few pics from the town square of a small town we passed through, with Taylor outside of a "Soda". We ate some really yummy food from places like this, but unfortunately this particular one wasn't the best. Made for a pretty cool pic though!

Some of the wildlife we saw at this sanctuary was absolutely stunning. From jaguars to monkeys, it was fun to see Peter react to some of the different animals.

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