Costa Rica 2 - La Fortuna

One thing that Peter absolutely loves is water, and this trip was no different. He enjoyed his time in the water so much on a couple of occasions that he had a few too many mouthfuls of sand! It was funny and sad at the same time when he pooped sand for the next few days. Luckily he didn't seem to get sick or mind too much, so that was good. We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset at this beach, Playa Mina:

We loved the food in Costa Rica! This is an example of a very Costa Rican plate, which we found to be quite delicious.

One of the activities we enjoyed the most on the trip that we did was exploring some hanging bridges. We were able to get some amazing views of the rainforest in the Arenal area, it felt like we were monkeys going from tree to tree! We did make the mistake of bringing our stroller along on this adventure. The signs said that the whole road was well paved and stroller accessible, but we soon learned that this wasn't the case. It got pretty bumpy and steep in a few areas, but Tay did a great job of pushing the empty stroller while I carried Peter in his backpack :)

An example of a torrential downpour in La Fortuna. Luckily we watched this one through the window of our Airbnb.

This is a restaurant in La Fortuna we absolutely loved. We went back twice to try different things, and the owner of the restaurant adored Peter. Whenever he got cranky while we were eating she would come over to hold him so we could eat. Talk about great customer service! I was pretty impressed by how well Taylor was able to communicate with people using his Portuguese. He could get by pretty well even if people could only speak Spanish. It was fun to watch them do their best to communicate with each other, I could tell he enjoyed it.

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