Costa Rica 4 - Jaco

I always tell Taylor that one day we need to take a trip where we just relax the whole time and not go from place to place all the time. I don't know if I'll ever fully convince him of this, but at least this time he did keep this request in mind when he did the planning (which he always is in charge of, loves to do, and does a great job of). We were lucky enough to find a really good deal to stay at an all inclusive resort for 5 nights in Jaco. I won't lie and say that it was the most luxurious place in the world, but it was definitely nice to relax and not have to worry about finding meals for a few days. It was also very fun to get as many specialty drinks as we wanted, something that both of us really enjoy. It was also nice that it was right on the beach and had a fun pool to hang out at, a tennis court to play on, and a pool table as well. As you can see, we included Peter in all of our activities. It is a bit of a disadvantage playing tennis while carrying a baby, but I'd say I held my own against Tay for carrying a baby while playing! The resort was also close to town, which we went and visited a really cool farmer's market which had a bunch of fresh fruit that we enjoyed for a few days.

This is a pic of one of my proudest moments as a Mother, the time Peter spit up all over my face. Although it is funny looking back at now, at the time I was a little mad at Tay for stopping to take a pic before he helped me clean up :)

Our weary little traveler resting after a long day of adventures:

One of the things we loved the most about bringing Peter was being able to meet a bunch of people that we might not have met otherwise. It was incredible for us to see how much the people of Costa Rica absolutely adored Peter. We would have people stop us at dinner, in our hotel, on the street, just so they could look at Peter and gawk over him. Some of them would even grab him because they wanted to hold him! If you know Peter, you know how personable and loving he is to everyone he sees. He will make eye contact and interact with any person he sees, and if they give him just the least bit of attention he will give a huge smile and laugh. We went to church one of the Sundays we were there to the closest ward we could find, and the lady we sat next to couldn't get enough of Peter. From the moment she saw him she wanted to hold him all of Sacrament meeting. Even when he was getting fussy she didn't want to give him up. It was actually really cool to see how much the people of Costa Rica loved our little boy. We're so grateful to have met some really amazing people, and to have gotten to know the culture and places of Costa Rica.

P.S. Peter is not wearing pants in this picture because a few minutes before his poop exploded out of his diaper all over his pants (and Dad's pants too!).


Until next time Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

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