Sleepless In Seattle

We loved visiting Seattle! It was such a pretty time to go, and we actually didn't get rained on too much. We enjoyed pikes market, and all the deliciousness. Oh my chocolate covered cherry, passion fruit greek yogurt, and the yummiest pear I did ever eat. It was so great! We visited the famous gum wall, and Peter was obsessed with that yogurt while we walked all around the market. We went to some great museums as well, and Peter bawled his way through the special exhibit at the Museum. haha, there were a lot of ladies in the museum when he did that! We had so much fun though, besides being sleepless in Seattle. Kind of funny. Poor Taylor got sick one of the evenings, and actually threw up out the window while we were on the freeway. He ended up being sick for pretty much the whole night. Then, Peter was having a hard time sleeping, so we all slept on the blow up mattress together. Ha! Mom got lots of sleep... We stayed at our lovely friends, the Calverts. They were kind enough to let us use a spare room, and we loved spending time with them and their cute twins! 
We went to this amazing glass blown museum. It was obviously Peter's favorite. It was so fun to be in there and look at all the amazing creations. If you haven't been, it is worth it for sure.
This is us at the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) Peter mostly loved Donald Judd's work, and crawling around the giant space. He did his own performance piece!

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