Thanksgiving & Vegas!

We had a really fun few days off for Thanksgiving spent with family down in St. George. We decided to extend our trip by a day and jump on a great deal Taylor found for a fun and trendy hotel in Vegas. Peter loved it there! One of his favorite things is bright lights. He always calls them "hot" because Taylor taught him that the lamp he likes in our house is hot. It's pretty cute :)
Peter had mixed feelings at the Bellagio fountain show. He really enjoyed it at first, but being so close to the fountains was actually pretty loud. He actually preferred a tiny little fountain right outside of the hotel better than the grand show itself.

Peter was in heaven with all of the bright lights in our cool room: 

Some of the good food we indulged in in Las Vegas below. The hotel we stayed at is known as a "foodie" hotel, and it definitely lived up to the reputation! Peter also really enjoyed M&M world (almost as much as his Mommy).

Taylor's bros and Dad did a hike up in Zion early Thanksgiving morning while Peter and I slept in, it looked like they had a beautiful hike. We had a fun time spending Thanksgiving with family, visiting Taylor's grandpa's grave site, and spending some time in the pool. It was a fun and much needed Thanksgiving break! 

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