Our Fun Winter!

Peter's birthday was celebrated Christmas morning! I made him this healthy cake, and also Cinnamon Rolls for everyone else, as well as a breakfast casserole. I thought it was a great start to our Christmas day. People always moan to us how much Peter will hate his birthday in years to come, but I also feel like maybe that would be the case because of everyone's attitudes towards holiday birthdays. We can still make them special, and the day he was born was definitely an extra special gift for us. He really got into the cake as you can see below. 

His cousin Ernest, wanted to get in on the action of eating cake too!
He isn't quite sure what this whole opening gifts thing is, but I think he liked his gift!

We visited Thanksgiving Point because we have free passes this year (thanks husband for being awesome). Peter is obsessed with animals, so it was a lot of fun!

Cute kid at church. Hanging out with Sterling, one of his favorite people to see each week! He's a hoot. Always gives peter a roll of smarties that we just end up throwing away later. 
Dressed up as nephites and lamanites for the ward Christmas party! It was a lot of fun!
The bachelor party before Kollyn got married.
Peter became so sick this winter, and it was so sad to see! He was pretty lethargic, sleeping a ton, but so thankful it didn't get terribly bad. 
Out cold in the middle of the reception. Taylor left the reception early because Peter was not feeling good at all. Poor sick kiddo! It was so hard at night, and he just wanted to sleep with me during the day. So hard to see your child sick.

As you can see from his facial expression, Peter is really n love with driving through Christmas lights!
Obsessed with dogs, and kitties. Talks about them all day long.

Also loves birds, wild and domesticated.
His new lounging position while playing in his crib when he should be going to sleep.
His favorite puppy!

Peter was really good at feeding the ducks. We saw lots of dogs there, and he had such an amazing time running around the boardwalk. Everyone loves Peter!
Our rock climbing while mom is working! So glad these boys have so much fun together. And look so cold!
Went to the Celine Dion concert for my Christmas gift, and it was amazing! She seems like such a sweet, good person, and the concert was phenomenal. Amazing to hear her perform in person, her voice is stunning and powerful. 

I attended a photo conference this winter, and it was so much fun! I love spending time with new friends, and seeing longtime ones. What an incredible community!
Oh ya, dancing with someone I don't know, but having a blast of course!
Every night Taylor reads Peter his bedtime book. "It's time to sleep, It's time to sleep" ....we have it memorized :D 
Currently loves getting into clothes, and taking big bites!
Taylor falling asleep watching his favorite thing: Basketball. He even said he wasn't tired haha.
Exploring the snow, and hanging out at home.
He loves smiling and leaning to one side while he is eating. It feels like he is trying to show his love, and we LOVE it.
Wow! How can life get any better?!

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