Kauai & Pregnancy Update!

We were so lucky to be able to plan a week away from everything before we have this little girl. #milesarethebest & we were able to stay with some family friends that made our trip so perfect. Thank you Warren's! Seriously loved having a place to come back to, be given all sorts of wonderful tips, and have a few homemade meals. 

Can't believe I was in Hawaii and 29 weeks pregnant. It was pretty great, and I think my body really needed the sleep. I haven't slept so well in a week, and that's what parent life is all about I guess. Haha, but for this pregnant mama that's what one of my favorite things were.

How Far Along?
29 weeks! Ahhh.

Baby Size: Size of an Acorn Squash / 15.2 inches / 2.54 lbs

I basically ate way too many fresh fruit snow cones while we were on the island. No regrets at all! If anything, we should have had more.
Always willing to eat pizza, we ate it twice this week!

Sciatica pain strikes again on my left leg the most.
The hardest for me is experiencing SPD (you can google that). It is painful to get up, turn in bed, walking down stairs, etc.
I've found helpful ways to deal with it, but it hurts on the daily, and some days I can't do much.
I'm definitely more of a waddler, I think it's worse this pregnancy.
I had some fun swelling in my feet while traveling, but thankfully that went away after our plane ride!
Only mild heartburn so far this pregnancy, YAY!!! Maybe baby girl won't have as much hair as Peter.

Highlight of the week was definitely being in Hawaii with Taylor.
It was such a blessing to be alone together for the first time for this long before we have two kiddos. We missed Peter like crazy, but it was much needed.

Loved seeing turtles night and day! It was so fun to see such big turtles pretty close.

Taylor went on an amazing hike, but it was way too slippery for me, and everyone said I shouldn't go on it.
I hope to go back to this island one day when I am more able to adventure!
I laid on this beach and waited for him while he hiked. I'd say it was a win win.

We had such great weather, and only were rained out one of the days. I love the views of Hawaii, and I especially loved taking landscape pictures.

Went on a hike that was a bit slippery, but we went super slow, and it wasn't too bad! Then watched Taylor jump into the waterfall, and he did it for a while. It looked super fun, and was so beautiful there.

Evidence we love pizza, two different pictures above, and swimming was my saving grace for my pain at the end of the day. Passion Fruit shaved ice. I hope we can recreate this somehow one day.

Went golfing with awesome views and great prices! Felt proud I had a few good shots.

Pretty awesome rainbow trees we saw on a walk. They look like a painting!

Our favorite stop for fresh fruit snow cones. Loved every single one we had!

Didn't know this was quite a walk to get to, and I was legit frightened walking down to see Queen's Bath.
It was near sunset, so the waves were crashing in, which is kind of the point of the place.
I made sure we stayed farther back, because the tide was actually pretty high.

Our favorite activity together was definitely the helicopter ride! We had clear views and some clouds at the end, but we were able to get out on one of the best days. I almost threw up by the end, but it was breathtaking. Hard to take photos on a helicopter, but so glad we were able to still have so many pictures from it. Some of my favorite views I've seen!

This is the waterfall from Jurassic Park! We were able to go way close, which isn't as common.

See you again one day Kauai! I can't wait to come again, and we can't wait for our baby girl in a few months!

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  1. We did that same hike when I was 20 weeks pregnant and luckily it wasn't too slippery. It was NOT EASY. You were smart to stay home :) Love seeing your photos and getting an update on the baby!